About Us

Let The Experience Begin!

Since 2017

MJ.com is one of the fastest scaling businesses in the expanding Cannabis industry. Starting in 2017 with a focus on B2B and B2C Medical and Professional Marketplace Solutions, MJ.com has established itself as the leader in supplying our users, business partners and investors with the ultimate online destination platform.

Your Health, Your Way

We believe that the Cannabis plant is a source of beneficial treatment for all. Good for our global, national and local economies, creating opportunity for people and communities. It’s beneficial for our team and the businesses, brands and products we partner with and support. It’s a plant for enriching and enhancing our customers’ lives.

Leader in The Marketplace

We have built iconic partnerships and recognition with market-leading consumer brands that are noted for their superior quality and consistency. Our rapidly expanding Marketplace of Brands/Products and Business Solutions portfolio consists of highly renowned thought leaders and industry experts.

Social Influencer

Our in-house Management Team brings over 50 years of successful business experience in finance, logistics and marketing, as well as unsurpassed media exposure to our brands. With our extensive social media influencer reach, our team has put together a clear vision of marketing and execution for our emerging industry.

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