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Wound Healing and Hemp

I have had some recent conversations with people regarding wound healing and hemp. Let me break down the basics for everyone. From a physiological perspective, wound healing consists of four very specific, programmed yet overlapping phases. They are best referred to in medicine as: hemostasis, inflammation, proliferation, and tissue remodeling or resolution. In order for a wound healing to proceed properly, all four of these phases must occur in the correct order and continue for the appropriate, specific time duration. Wound healing is not at all automatic; there are many factors that can interfere with one or more phases in this process, causing delayed or incomplete tissue repair. Whatever the factor(s), when there is a problem in wound healing it is often traceable to a state of pathologic inflammation due to a postponed, incomplete, or uncoordinated healing process. Most chronic wounds are ulcers that are associated with a lack of oxygenation to the tissues, diabetes mellitus, venous stasis disease, or pressure.

Put into simpler terms, when a wound fails to heal it is usually due to uncontrolled inflammation, bacteria which causes infection and inflammation and/or improper oxygenation.

Knowing this, I think everyone who follows the cannabis world closely would be able to answer if CBD and terpenes would be effective in wound healing. Obviously, the answer is yes because everyone knows that the cannabinoids and terpenes have major influence as anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant substances. There is quite a lot of research being done currently on this issue and everyone can expect to see cannabinoids and terpenes emerge as critical therapeutic agents of change for the over 6 million adults in the US who suffer from the inability to heal their wounds.


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