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How CBD Protects Against Cognitive Challenges

The brain is resilient but cognitive change is a normal part of aging. It has been well documented in the scientific literature that some cognitive abilities decline with age, while others remain vibrant. Vocabulary may improve over the years as we accumulate more words to describe our experiences. Unfortunately, without increased stimulation, conceptual reasoning, memory, and processing speed decline over time and are an expected component of aging.

Cognitive changes can occur from excess free radicals in brain cells in addition to the natural deterioration of healthy brain cells as we age. The brain has tremendous oxygen and energy needs; thus, free radicals can build up in the brain tissues rapidly. Cannabinoids, mainly CBD and CBG, have been shown to protect against cognitive decline in animal studies and have proven to be highly beneficial to human patients suffering from a variety of neurodegenerative diseases including Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s Disease.

One startling mechanism of action appears to be the ability of CBD to stimulate the brain to make higher amounts of a compound called BDNF, which stands for brain-derived neurotrophic factor. BDNF promotes new brain cell growth and protects against brain cell death. As we age, there is a natural slow down or complete cessation of new brain cell growth. By stimulating BDNF production, CBD invites the exciting possibility of a reversal of the aging process in the brain.

A second mechanism for action by CBD in the brain is CBD’s ability to improve the efficiency of the mitochondria, the “energy engines” in the cells. With fewer free radicals and more efficient mitochondria, there is less cellular damage in the brain and a deceleration of the aging process.

Yes, cosmetic procedures consistently deliver a more youthful look but there are no quick trips to the medical spa that can restore lost cognition. Fortunately, however, with consistent use of full spectrum hemp oil,, rich in both CBD and CBG, one can hope to reduce free radicals, boost the power of antioxidants and combat cognitive decline for a more youthful inner body and mind and a more holistic approach to anti-aging.


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